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Home Entertainment Solutions

What is a simple DSTV installation?

DSTV (Digital Satellite Television) at its basic configuration comprises a dish, a decoder, and a television set! However, if you want to enjoy your satellite feed without losing signal every time the wind blows, or every time it rains, than make sure that you buy the right equipment.

Helder Vision uses only the best equipment available for your installation, such as imported European satellite dishes, 50mm hot dip galvanised wall brackets, and Ultra Low Loss UV protected cable. Our equipment is manufacturer guaranteed, and our installations carry a full 1 year workmanship guarantee, from the day of installation.

Peace of mind is also available to you the consumer after the guarantee period through our comprehensive and efficient back up service.

Grow your simple DSTV installation!

By adding to your simple installation the world of entertainment becomes your oyster. Multiple standard HD decoders, HD PVR decoders, or a combination of both is your first step.... but home entertainment systems can quickly grow into dream home theatres by adding Surround sound amplifiers, Blue Ray DVD players, Media players, HDMI televisions, HDMI distribution, 5.1 surround sound speaker systems, Internet Broadband connectivity, Apple TV, etc. Contact Helder Vision today for your best solution.